Canada Student Visa

The students need to get study permit that is required to by foreign students to get permission for study in Canada. Every year approximately 130,000 students go to Canada for student on Student’s visa. There are lots of opportunities for the students to study in Canada and make their future life successful. The Universities offer all programs for student including Bachelors and Mater Degree programs. These Universities also offers scholarships for different programs.

Document Required
Following documents are necessarily required.
1. Proof of Acceptance by the University
2. Proof of Identity
3. Proof of Financial support
4. Application for study Permit
 5. Correct Processing Fee
7. Police Clearance Certificates
8. Educational Documents with IELTS and/or TOEFL scores, GRE, GMAT (if applicable) are strongly recommended.
9. Personal Statement
How to Apply

To get the student visa for the Canada, you must first apply to a university in a selected course. To get the admission in any university one should check the criteria of university he is applying and submit the required documents. After the approval, the university will issue a letter of approval. Based upon that letter student can apply for the visa through embassy. Application for a Study Permit is necessary to apply. If your spouse or common-law partner and/or dependent children will accompany you, they must complete their own appropriate application form and attach marriage and/or birth certificates.

Complete accompanying Information Forms.  A separate form is required for each applicant 18 years of age or above.
Visa fee & Progress Time
Process Time:
The Canadian Visa processing could take at least 10 weeks for your visa to be processed. 
Process Fees:
Visa fees will be maximum Canadian $125 for Pakistani students.


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